EAPN Decent Work Task Force

Participation at the EAPN Decent Work Task Force, held in Brussels, on the 11th of December 2013. The representative of RENASIS is one of the 7 selected people to join the EAPN Decent Work Task Force. The main objective of this Task force is  to develop resources to launch a coordinated campaign on the issue of decent/living wages across EAPN, drawing on previous work in EAPN and on the experience of the UK ‘Living Wage Campaign’.
The Task Force will produce a toolkit on campaigning on the issue of ‘a living wage’, along with any other ancillary campaign tools which it deems useful, and prepare a scoping note, to be discussed with the EU ISG, on developing an EAPN campaign, using the toolkit and other tools. These will then be used in the implementation of such a campaign across the EAPN membership.


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